How does a leader lead?

Reading about transformational and transactional leadership made me consider some of the leaders I have known over time. Some have been good. Good at leading, getting the job done and allowing me to get my job done.  Others have been terrible.  The one thing all the leaders have had in common is a higher authority restricts them and their actions.  Whether that is a superior above them, a profit and loss balance sheet or simply a time frame, they all have to account to another force and this impacts directly upon their leadership. 

So I wonder if any leader truly gets the freedom to ‘lead’ as they wish.  Or is leadership actually adapting and dealing with the higher pressures and accountabilities without it impacting upon your leadership style?

In any organisation there can be many levels of leaders, and many people who take on leadership opportunities as they arise.  Do all these positions require compromise and adaptability?




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