A-Z Social Networking For Libraries


How to make my library embrace a Web 2.0 ethos?

The library I am familiar with is yet to embrace technology in a serious way. It has a relatively large and unthreatened budget, which seems to be primarily used to purchase fiction.  It does not embrace Web 2.0 at all, aside from having a bank of computers, which have Internet access.  So when I consider the A-Z of Social Networking for Libraries, I feel that almost ALL of the letters apply to this library!  However as the library would need to crawl before it could walk, there are some letters, which may suit the library better than others.Immediately I believe that T for text messaging could be used.  As the TL is not up on social networking technologies, text messaging is one of the simpler and more widely accepted and used technologies.  Text messaging is also something the wider school community and student body is used to.  Being a high school many students have mobile phones and are adept at texting.  The school already uses text messages to inform parents of student absences and lateness. The library could use texts for reminders of overdue loans, changes to opening hours, even new purchases.There is no library website so this would be another starting point.  Using a tool such as Joomla to aid the editing and maintenance process would be useful to a ‘technology newbie’.In addition to a website, a library Facebook page would also be a starting point.  Once again the students of the school are familiar with this type of social networking.  The page could be used to begin a conversation about the needs of the students in relation to what the library provides.  It could also be used to promote the library resources and events (book week, Premier’s reading challenge).E-books and Good Reads can also be implemented more easily than some other A-Z ideas.  They are also a more natural extension of what a traditional library and TL may have already been doing.


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