Thoughts after Topic 2 Readings:

Quick thoughts:

Further research once again shows the direction T/L’s and school libraries need to take.  It also shows what governing bodies and education authorities need to be thinking about and acting on.

So the research is out there pushing us along – what is the problem? Where is the ‘paper jam’ occurring? Where is the process being stopped?

One problem is of course that in a discussion report such as ‘School Libraries 21C’ most of the respondents were teacher librarians.  The wider community, have very little awareness of, or interest in these issues, despite the great impact they may have on them.

Another problem may be the ‘lag’ between the research and the reality of what T/L’s actually do and achieve.  The ‘ideal’ versus the ‘practice’. Have T/L’s done enough, or are doing enough to engineer the changes the research is pointing towards?

Of course there will also be a ‘lag’ between the research and the governing bodies.  This lag can be due to bureaucratic functions and processes.  It can (and most realistically) also be due to funding concerns.

1)  research is out there

2)  how much are current (and soon to be) T/L’s embracing this research and also adapting to the new ‘digital’ world we live in? How well equipped are they and who is responsible for equipping them?

3) How do we get the message out beyond the immediate school library community in a practical, forceful, immediate and EFFECTIVE way? What are ASLA and ALIA doing to achieve this? What are teachers’ unions doing about this?

4) Are government bodies listening to the experts and developing policies accordingly?  How can they be made to sit up and pay attention and by doing this fund more of this education area?


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